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Introducing the group / clans system.
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Long time no post I hope all is well with everyone but we're redoing how grouping and dividers work. The primary features of this new system are
  • Forums
  • Gallery
  • Discussions
  • Events
  • Group management
This is extremely useful when it comes to managing users. It's essentially an entire basic clan website for you all to use. We do have perks further than that. If you find yourself with more than 10 members I do recommend you check out this discussion for information how to really get something started with us. You don't have to be special to have a group in the network. This system is for everyone no matter how big your size is. I do suggest if you're making a group for you and just a handful of friends to make the group hidden private so it...
ArcNet's Future
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Long time no see everyone, So it's been a while, and due to COVID-19 and all of the other garbage 2020 has thrown around we've all been super busy. We didn't take advantage of quarantine like a ton of other communities but we're looking to pick up the wasted time and push in to overdrive. Bashea was debating on shutting down the website for a while, but due to all the work put in to the site and connecting everything it would've just been a waste of money and time, so we're going to keep trying different things until something works, so bare with us. What's next? Let's cut the small talk and get right to the point; here's a small list of things in no particular order we would like to get the network involved with:
  • Gaming articles featuring new and exiting projects; highlighting, testing, and reviewing
  • Allow opportunities for members to make a project passion they've been interested in coming true Continued at the...