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    For the users looking to get an advanced taste of the site setup we can hook you up with a domain name to bring out that professional guild appearance. If you need any Photoshop work or would like to advance your appearance within the network message Bashea on Discord.

Information on the network's background and what we plan to do as an open network.

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Note: When joining the server we require users to sync their Discord with our site for role management and a better user experience.

Quick tutorial on how to get membership / view channels

We're a growing network looking to merge and harmonize with smaller (or larger) servers. We have options coming for you and your group to have your own private section in our Discord. If you're big enough, your own Discord bot, and some exclusive parts to our site. We are a community and a host. We want to find like-minded players and build a large powerful gaming metropolis.
Arcanics Community was founded in 2013, as a small community under a multitude of names. We ran guilds, podcasts, livestreams, and websites. For what we had back then was pretty big. There wasn't a ton of explicitly large communities running around on the games we played or on twitch back then. So we had it pretty good. Over the years we've changed to many voice communications, websites, and games. Obviously there was a ton of people who didn't enjoy our frequent changes and just left. Here's some games we played in with the aprox number of members under our leadership. World of Warcraft: 450+ members. Guild Wars 2: 1000+ members. (Bashea co-ran the teamspeak for the server and thousands of players actively used it, as well as co-ran multiple guilds and commanded / side commanded nightly. As well as work in the "most popular guild on the server for WvW".) Phantasy Star Online: 50+ members. Blade and Soul: 80+ members under two guilds and #1 guild for the first few months. and much more.
We ran around 5 websites over time, 3 voice communications, and managed over 1,610 players over the course of our growing.
So you may ask, so what the hell happened? Great question. It's tough to keep a general playerbase when you don't really know what you want. But now that we've settled with Discord and we're happy with our site everything should be set in stone besides minor updates over time.

Now, what's the vision? The vision is to be a centralized hub for communities. We provide the tools and setup, you just worry about your community and tweaking everything to your liking. We want expressive new experiences with communities, we're not trying to be everyone else. This website your on is a very powerful tool if used properly and it's all to your disposal. We plan on bringing a multitude of communities in from, guilds in games, gaming communities looking to expand, artists, designers, streamers, activists, roleplayers, media outlets,

Are you a leader and interested in bringing your guild/group/server to Arcanics Network?

We're looking for community, guild, clan, ect leaders to try us out. We have tons of benefits for you and your community.
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This is extremely useful when it comes to managing users. It's essentially an entire basic clan website for you all to use. We do have perks further than that. If you find yourself with more than 10 members I do recommend you check out this discussion for information how to really get something started with us.
You don't have to be special to have a group in the network. This system is for everyone no matter how big your size is. I do suggest if you're making a group for you and just a handful of friends to make the group hidden private so it doesn't show up in our roster.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns we're always available on Discord or the website. Please don't be afraid to contact us and voice your opinion or ask questions. No serious question is stupid.

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